Exclude filter

ck05 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2
SmartGit has a nice file filter capability, but sometimes it would be great if it was possible to temporarily exclude (or ignore) certain files. Although this can be done by adding a line to the .gitignore file and removing it later, this is prone to errors if the removal is omitted.
It would be better if one could temporarily remove some files from view without ignoring them permanently and therefore risking to forget them. This could be realized by a checkbox similar to the regex option that says "show all except". The filter textbox should then change its label and maybe also its color to indicate the "inverted" mode.
A use case for this would be to exclude files that will be added with a later commit etc.

Satisfaction mark by ck05 8 years ago

You already can do that, e.g. by prefixing the pattern with a !, e.g. !*.png will not show any *.png file.

Great. I tried to exclude with regexes but this is much harder to type and remember. I couldn't find this info in the manual, maybe it should be documented more prominently. Anyway, this will make my life a lot easier. Thanks.

Edit: I just found out that it is possible to combine several of these excludes by using comma as a seperator. e.g.


Just saying to document it for others.