Make poll/fetch intervalls configurable

Pierre Goiffon 7 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 6

Be able to change the default intervalls in the preferences dialog. At least the 2 options smartgit.repositories.background.poll.delay and smartgit.repositories.background.fetch.delay (see https://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/System+Properties#SystemProperties-Backgroundoperations)

This was discussed here : http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/143-repository-gets-update-only-when-pull-souce-tree-displays-already-committed-items-even-before-pull/

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Goiffon 6 years ago

SmartGit 18.1 preview 1 will have the option to configure the times globally

I didn't find it... Where is this option ?

I thought to have it added where users would search for it.

Wooops sorry I was running version 17.1.3 #11207 (although I had use "check for latest build")... Installed manually 18.1 preview 3 #12037 and no problem !

I'm confused... Running SmartGit 20.1.4, I do not see these settings in the preferences dialog (or anywhere else for that matter). Did they move or were they removed since 18.1 ?

We considered these options so low-level, so we decided to move them to the low-level properties section. The names are background.fetch.delay and background.poll.delay.