Track remote branch check box is cleared when I edit the local branch name

Ed Ball 4 years ago updated by Colin Richardson 3 years ago 4

When I check out a remote branch on my `fork` remote and change the local branch name from `master-2` to `master-fork`, the "track remote branch" check box is cleared, which is frustrating if I forget to check it again. I guess that is by design, but why?

Satisfaction mark by Ed Ball 4 years ago

This was upon user request because novice users created unintentionally a lot of branches tracking the same remote branch.

Interesting, though I don't really understand why accepting the default name should track but changing the default name shouldn't...

Perhaps only clear the check box if there is already a local branch tracking the remote branch?

And perhaps clear it regardless of whether the user has changed the default name?

Damn you Ed Balll.. I've had my novice users creating branches and tracking the wrong branch again.. Very fustrating.