one click "fork submodule" to copy and replace remote submod

jaunt 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

I.e. fork a remote repo (i.e. github) into a local empty repo (i.e. gitolite). Ability to synchronize down the road.

Please explain in more detail which git commands you would currently invoke from command line as part of this procedure?

This is when we're using an github repo in one of our local gitolite projects and perhaps we want to make sure that our project always builds, even if github goes down or the repo gets removed. The process for us is to create a local empty gitolite repo, then we manually update .gitmodules and .git/config to change the url from github to our new local repo. Then we "git push origin master'. I'm not sure if this can be accomplished with smart git's change url function. The first time I tried it didn't work. Anyway, this is a low priority feature for us since it doesn't happen that often.

I'm not sure whether there is anything left to do in SmartGit: you have to create the gitolite repository using gitolite functionality, then you will change the URL using Remote|Properties (as you have already used yourself).

You're probably right. I thought it could be interesting to have a menu item "fork submodule" then "fork to what empty repo?" then "track original remote for future merges?" then "Merge from tracked remote submodule" then "revert to remote submodule" etc. But maybe this is an uncommon work flow and if you need it you figure it out.