amend commit should pick the message of the previous commit

Eduard 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 3

When amending a previous commit, I usually want to add a small change. The topic (commit message) is usually the same. Still SmartGit presents me the commit message template, forcing me to close the commit dialog, copy the commit message from the journal view and retrigger the commit.

When clicking "amend" the commit dialog should replace the commit message in the dialog by the message of the last commit.

When you clear the existing commit message and toggle Amend, SmartGit should automatically set the old commits's message.

True. Just tried it. Works. But as you see this effect is very subtle. I was not so clever to delete the message before. Maybe it's similar for others.

I know this trick now. But maybe you want to make it more obvious for future users.