Default settings for a group

Kanstantsin Kamkou 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 4 years ago 3

Please review an option to set the default settings for a group. Often, we do have two groups: job/home. At home I would like to sign all commits with the same key. In the same time my private email is used. At work I would like to use different email and username. I could do it in a console for sure... Thank you.

Satisfaction mark by Kanstantsin Kamkou 4 years ago

The mentioned settings are stored in the repositories .git/config files like any other Git client does. We don't plan to override this default setting in SmartGit.

Usually, the used email and user name is stored in ~/.gitconfig. Maybe you can create a simple script that replaces the file with the private or company one?

~/.gitconfig is a symlink to the dropbox folder. This way I store my dots files including git. The same way I store smartgit settings folder.