Repositories view: filter support

Jon Schlinkert 4 years ago updated by Claus Nielsen 2 years ago 3

In the "files" pane, we have a search field like this:

It would be great to have the same thing in the "Repositories" pane. I have 1,300 projects in SmartGit, and it since many of the repos are organized into groups, it gets unbearably hard to find a repository sometimes.

What changes do you suggest?

I'd also like to have a "Repository Filter" that only shows the repositories that match the filter. If it works based on the repository name, it'll be easier to find duplicate repositories that may exist in different folders. Currently, I have to do "Cmd + O" and know which folder to search to find the repository I'm looking for.

Quick filters buttons like the ones in the Files pane would also be nice, but for selecting repositories with incoming or outgoing commits or un-committed changes.