Better support for Gerrit users

Marek 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 4 years ago 5

For example, every time I am pushing changes to Gerrit I have to:

1) Remote -> Push To

2) Select Target Repository to be Gerrit (I have multiple origins and Gerrit is not the first one)

3) Check "Custom Ref"

4) Push

I would love to have all those steps under one button on the main bar. It gets kind of annoying when you push often.

Another thing is squashing commits to one. Gerrit requires a CL to be single commit. Squashing is a lot of clicks.

What is CL? Regarding squashing commit: select the commits to squash in the Journal and select Squash from the context menu, enter a message. IMHO, this can't be made simpler.

Thanks for your answer. CL is a Change List. It is a commit that you send for review (https://www.gerritcodereview.com/).

Squashing is not that bad, I was thinking to have a button that does "squash last two commits" but that's just a nit.

The pushing to Gerrit is the trouble. Gerrit requires all pushes to be to custom refs like "refs/for/master" for CL that goes to master.


There is a already a Push To Gerrit action since version 8: https://www.syntevo.com/doc/display/SG/Gerrit

I see, thanks. I did not know about this (it is quite hidden). I have tried the Gerrit support and I still think it could be improved.

For example, we want to push all branches to `refs/for/master` regardless of local branch name. I often have many local branches named by features I am working on but they all should merge to master. Currently, SmartGit only allows me to push to `refs/for/<branch name>` automatically.

So this unfortunately does not solve my initial pain.

Given the functionality which is already there, can you please open a new topic detailing how you would want to have Push to Gerrit improved?