Ability to save multiple files from a commit

Sergey Filippov 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 6

In the Log window, the Files tab, it would be handy to save multiple files at once.

When multiple files are selected, I'd suggest to replace the Save As... command with Save To... that invokes a dialog to select the destination folder.

How to handle the different paths? Just save relative to the specified directory?

Yes, relative to the specified directory.

When select multiple files, I just want to revert it to working tree, So I sugguest to add a menu to revert to working tree, no need to invokes any another dialog.

Invokes a dialog the default destination is the working tree root directory, that is Ia better idea.

It would be nice to be able to either:

a) right click on the file in the Files tab and select "View Before" or "View Before", or

b) select "View" from the appropriate Changes window down the bottom of the screen

and it would save the file to the %TEMP% folder and open my editor for it.

I just want to view the file - not revert it, and I don't care where it gets saved.

Please add your wish as a different request. Thanks in advance.