Single Instance option

Daniel B. 4 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 6

The basic idea is to provide an option to force smartgit to a single instance. The basic use case behind this idea is to open git folders with smartgit via context menu out of a file manager (e.g. with ubuntu nautilus file manager right click on git folder and open with smartgit). Over this way the file manager passes the folder path to smartgit and I don't need to add the repository manually in smartgit.

Currently smartgit opens foreach folder that I open over this way an new instance - that's confusing.

SmartGit already should connect to already running instance. If not, I consider it a bug.

Smartgit 8.0.3 does not connect to an already running instance.

For example: When I start smargit in Windows by launching the smartgit.exe the first smargit instance appear. After that I launch by the commandline smartgit.exe "d:\git\my-product\" then the second instance appear which opened the my-product git repository.

I really looking forward to that feature :)


This feature works already fine. If you really have 2 or more processes of SmartGit hanging around, please conttact the support (see Help menu).

It does not work with the newest version 17.0.2 by using the explorer context menu "Open in smartgit".Precisely, the two instance are running in the same process. Therefore I see two windows but I need only one (Singleton).

Please distinguish between 2 windows and 2 instances. If 2 instances of SmartGit are running (with the same settings directory), this is a bug. But 2 or more windows is by-design.

I have sent an email to your support.