Log: Multiple custom Diff tools for file type: Highest ranked as default, other matches in sub-menu list

ck05 4 years ago updated by quincunx 2 years ago 1

SmartGit should be able to handle multiple diff tools for the same file type. The Diff tool with the highest ranking should be available for the standard diff command just as it is now. All other matches should be available in a context-menu submenu.

Reasoning: There are many diff tools that support multiple modes (e.g. beyond compare can do hex-compare as well as text-diff). Files may contain plain-text headers but binary payload. Also, each tool might have strengths and weaknesses.

By allowing an easy way to choose another tool, the user can easily select the tool best suited for the task at hand.

This would also allow users to have a custom "show this file in explorer" command (see https://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/180-log-files-list-please-add-open-and-reveal-in-explorer-in-context-menu/) without sacrificing the ability to do diffs

This would be of great help, specially regarding to conflict solvers. The built-in conflict solver is great for most cases, but sometimes kdiff3 can solve conflicts better. In order to switch diff tool or conflict solver, one has to go to preferences and move priorities. Having all other tools in a sub-menu (if n > 2, else just both would be fine) would save some time.