Split "create pull request" title and description

Christian Ullrich 4 years ago 0

On GitHub (at least), a pull request has a separate title and description. An important difference between the two fields is that references to bugs or other PRs are detected only in the description.

SmartGit's "create pull request" dialog has a single large text field named "title and description". I think it might improve usability to either split this field in two, or to draw a line after the first paragraph (at the first newline) to indicate to the user where the title ends and the description begins. While a regular user of this feature will not make this mistake often, it is a bit annoying to both me and the repo owner I'm sending a pull request to if the whole description ends up in the title and no backlink appears in any bug I've referenced in the pull request text.

If there are hosting providers where this distinction does not exist, SmartGit can just merge the two fields' content again, if necessary (at the point the dialog appears, SmartGit should be aware where it will be sending the PR).