Allow svn branch names with slash symbol

dmitry.andreev.dev 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 2

Right now I can't see any branch from remote SVN server if the branch name contains '/'. For example 'feature/15232_pathfinding' is displayed as 'feature' and I'm unable to check it out. Furthermore I cannot create a brach with '/' in it. Tortoise SVN allows to operate with such names so it would be great if SmartGit would also understand them.

With our current framework this will be rather hard to do.

Thanks for the reply! It's a dealbreaker if I want to use SmartGit both for git and svn repos in the current workflow on a project I'm working on. I hope sometimes in the future this '/' inconvenience will be eliminated and I'll be able to enjoy working with svn repos through SmartGit :)