Commit log should properly sort commits chronologically

Walt Destler 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 5

When viewing a log with multiple branches, SmartGit often shows the commits non-chronologically. SmartGit should always show commits in chronological order whenever possible. (Obviously in some cases, such as when history is modified, it may be impossible to show commits in chronological order while maintaining proper parent-child ordering, but SmartGit seems to show commits non-chronologically even when not necessary.)

Here's an example where SmartGit is showing commits non-chronologically:

Is View|Cluster Commits by Branch option what you are looking for?

What is the effect of this option ? Can't find it in the online documentation...

Pretty much what it says: it will cluster commits within a branch (line).

Aha! I had no idea about that option, or that it was turned on. I had originally tried clicking the "Date" column header, which does nothing, and so I assumed this wasn't supported.