Upgrade should be entirely seamless

Ram Rachum 4 years ago updated by Walt Destler 3 years ago 2

I'm tired of opening SmartGit and waiting for it to upgrade itself, or even see the toaster message notifying me of a new build. Just do the upgrade completely seamlessly, like Chrome, without me even knowing SmartGit gets upgraded.

Quite often, I start SmartGit to begin working on something, and it will instead run its update for a few minutes! That's frustrating.

But most of the time consuming work SmartGit does to update itself can be done while SmartGit is running, namely extracting new files and validating old files. The only thing that will remain is activating new SmartGit copy.


Currently, SmartGit will automatically download and install updates, only prompting to restart. Not sure how to get any more seamless than that? (Not even Chrome can update without restarting.)