In log commits view, add a tooltip with branch name when hovering a branch line

Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 5

This would be very useful, cause when you have much lines it's hard to understand what line stand for what branch.

If hovering is hard to implement, having a legend stating which color refers to which branch would be a good substitute.


This information is already displayed in the commit details, it would help to have it when browsing the log.

Satisfaction mark by Pierre Goiffon 3 years ago

A branch is not part of a commit in Git, but just a named pointer to a commit. The colors are just that - colors for making the log easier to read - they don't refer to any specific branch.

I am new to Git and maybe this is a philosophical thing, but:

When looking at a very long branch it is difficult to find the Head name by scrolling because colours are reused.

You had a similar feature in SmartGit 6.5, see the attached picture:


This is the screenshot of a Mercurial repository. In Git this is impossible.

Can the branches "attached" to a commit be displayed when hovering the commit node ? Or even the whole commit line ?

There is nothing "attached" to commits in Git. The detection which Git ref has this commit in its history takes some time and it would not help in usual back- and forth-merged branches.