Add a copy short ID contextual menu entry

Pierre Goiffon 7 years ago updated 4 years ago 4

In both the journal and log commits views, in the contextual menu a "Copy ID" option is present. This will copy the full SHA1.

I'd like to have an option to copy the short git ID, the same that is displayed in the ID column (only 8 characters)


Indeed I did submit this quite a long time ago, it would be VERY usefull for me (and another person apparently considering this ticket votes :) ), and it seems not a big deal to add this in the product... Please can you make it happen ? O:)

When clicking on the commit sha in the details view you're get the whole sha copied to the clipboard. For me it would be perfect to have the short sha instead of the whole... So 2 suggestions :

* simply add an option to determine which sha is copied

* add a + icon next to the short sha : when clicking on it display the whole sha and replace + by -. When clicking on the sha if the short version is displayed, copy the short version, if the long version is displayed, copy the long version


SmartGit 19.2 #15040 will copy by default the short ID and adds an option in the low-level properties to copy the full ID.

Many thanks, I'll have a look !