Replace "Commit" button with "Continue Rebase", "Discard" with "Abort Rebase", etc. [SG-10349]

omegatron 4 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 4 years ago 6

To continue rebase after fixing a conflict, you have to press Commit.

To abort it, you select the project and press Discard?

These aren't very clear actions. It would be better if the buttons actually changed their names while in the middle of a rebase.


Agree - the whole rebase workflow could be greatly improved.

I'd recommend just replace the toolbar with the special "rebase mode" when in rebasing state.

Replace the "Commit / Discard" etc and dedicated in rebase stuff as OP title said.

I agree. This is a pain point when training a new user on git/smartgit.