When journal runs into a conflict, give the opportunity to resolve and continue

Florian Kaufmann 3 years ago updated by Christopher Kline 3 years ago 2

When rewriting history via the journal (i.e. interactive rebase) runs into a conflict, it currently completely aborts (seems like "rebase --abort"). Like in native rebase --interactive I would like the opportunity to choose between 1) resolve the conflict and continue and 2) abort the interactive rebase.


Cool. In my daily work, this is the feature I missed the most while using SmartGit. I am fine with the command line in general, but most things in my every day programming life I prefer to do via SmartGit. Interactive rebase is the only thing of the things which I do on a regular basis which I couldn't do from within SmartGit.

Satisfaction mark by Florian Kaufmann 3 years ago

SmartGit 17.1 offers batch-mode interactive rebase. Our existing Journal functionality uses cherry-picks because Git's rebase is dog-slow on Windows.

Thomas, I've read that interactive rebase on Windows is now 5x faster starting in git for windows 2.10. It may be worth revisiting the performance. https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/visualstudioalm/2016/09/03/whats-new-in-git-for-windows-2-10/