Optionally hide potentially dangerous commands depending on selectable skill level

Thomas Singer 7 years ago updated by alexfouche 7 years ago 4

Ask the user on the first start up how (s)he rates his/her Git skill level: beginner, advanced or hard-core (that should be changeable in the preferences).

Depending on this level, some dangerous commands, e.g. deleting tags/branches from remotes, forced push, could be hidden for less experiences users.


SmartGit is a good way of learning Git. My Git skill was improved because I frequently use these dangerous commands.


IMHO hiding/ showing some commands depending on the skill entered somewhen in the past is usually misleading. Mercurial has such policy (concept of Extensions) and I don't find it useful.

I posted this request because of feedback from large companies. According to this there are a lot of average users who don't really understand how Git works and don't want to learn it - they just want to commit their changes. It would be in the team's interest to hide potentially dangerous commands for those users, so they can't damage anything by mistake.


I find it troublesome to spend a few hours and have to search on the web to figure out why i can not do something with Git or Smartgit, only to realise that the option was simply hidden.

It is also an issue when you see a screenshot or someone explains you how to do something, and do not understand why you miss the needed functionnalities on your interface... again only to realise after time consuming research that it was hidden...