Log, Branches view: add checkbox toggle to hierarchical branches

MSG 3 years ago updated by Matt 1 year ago 1

I have the following branches :





which are collapsible via the triangle button, however the is no checkbox to toggle ON/OFF ALL of the branches in this hierarchy (i.e. turn on/off all the branches in projectA). Currently such option only exits for the "local Branches" and "remote Branches" (the 3 state toggle on/off/previous). I would like to have this kind of 3way toggle option for any group of branches in a branch hierarchy... meaning projectA should have a 3-way toggle.. and features and bugs (inside of projectA) should have a 3way toggle.

Note: the right mouse button shows an option to toggle (space) the projectA group of hierarchical branches however this doesn't do anything.

I would love to see this added. Currently no way to toggle all the branches in the "history" hierarchy except by opening the hierarchy and toggling one-by-one. Right-clicking on "history" does offer a "Toggle" command which does nothing.