When starting a GitFlow Bug it should automatically stash/unstash instead of immediately failing

Scott Richmond 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

It is extremely common that one starts a feature or bug prior to actually starting the GitFlow process. This means there are often unstaged changes before starting a GitFlow bug/feature. When you do this, it will fail as there are uncommitted changes when it needs to change branch/make a branch/etc.

Unfortunately SmartGit isn't automatically stashing/unstashing in response to this. Which makes using GitFlwo very frustrating.

It should be no issue to stash all changes, perform the GitFlow process, then unstash.

Quite often it happens that when I'm on develop starting something that it gets larger than initially expected. Then creating a new feature works perfectly, so I reckon it seems to depend on what branch you actually are starting to work.

That could be so. It seems at least one of the steps in the GitFlow process is not triggering the stash/unstash functionality.