Add support for gitflow-avh

Kevin 2 years ago • updated by Marc Strapetz 3 months ago 9

gitflow's last update was about 4 and a half years ago. It's no longer maintained so no new features and more importantly no bug fixes. gitflow-avh is the most popular fork of gitflow and remains active to this day. According to the author of gitflow-avh both Debian and Ubuntu have switched to his fork to provide the git-flow package which is a very good indicator that the original project has died and that AVH is a suitable alternative.

In the Preferences, section Executables, you can select Use pre-installed ("system") Git-Flow.

Hello Marc, thank you for your reply. From my understanding if I do this SmartGit will use my system copy of git-flow but this will not enable any changes in the UI surrounding gitflow-avh's explanded feature set?

That's true. The option will just execute the system Git-Flow command instead of SmartGit's built-in Git-Flow. So your request makes perfect sense.

How to create bugfix/* branches?.. It's possible via my system git-flow but not possible via GUI,..


The GUI is actually not expected to change.

Hmm.. why?..

Old git-flow died and all git-flow funs like me use git-flow-avh instead of git-flow (and it's mostly compatible with git-flow). And git-flow-avh as his successor provide more features including new branch types. This idea is about follow new versions of git-flow.. So why not to add support for new branch type in GUI?..

Right, that's what this RFE is for.


Completed in 19.1 preview 5.