Add support for gitflow-avh

Kevin 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 9 months ago 11

gitflow's last update was about 4 and a half years ago. It's no longer maintained so no new features and more importantly no bug fixes. gitflow-avh is the most popular fork of gitflow and remains active to this day. According to the author of gitflow-avh both Debian and Ubuntu have switched to his fork to provide the git-flow package which is a very good indicator that the original project has died and that AVH is a suitable alternative.

In the Preferences, section Executables, you can select Use pre-installed ("system") Git-Flow.

Hello Marc, thank you for your reply. From my understanding if I do this SmartGit will use my system copy of git-flow but this will not enable any changes in the UI surrounding gitflow-avh's explanded feature set?

That's true. The option will just execute the system Git-Flow command instead of SmartGit's built-in Git-Flow. So your request makes perfect sense.

How to create bugfix/* branches?.. It's possible via my system git-flow but not possible via GUI,..


The GUI is actually not expected to change.

Hmm.. why?..

Old git-flow died and all git-flow funs like me use git-flow-avh instead of git-flow (and it's mostly compatible with git-flow). And git-flow-avh as his successor provide more features including new branch types. This idea is about follow new versions of git-flow.. So why not to add support for new branch type in GUI?..

Right, that's what this RFE is for.


Completed in 19.1 preview 5.

Hi guys,

I really do appreciate every little bit that helps, but frankly speaking (writing in this case) this new gitflow-avh support in smartgit is completely wrong approach.

It changes a lot, Smartgit does not behave as it had been, it definitely is not just a slight alter to existing functionality.

It would be nice to have an option that would switch it off, completely off as it was before 19.1.x.

Smartgit is not much usefull with this anymore.

Why to change something that worked nicely?

If anyone has tips how to turn it off, please, share.


P.S. Smartgit 19.1.x behaviour is not according https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/ anyway. Am I missing something?