Add file system case-sensitivity sensitivy

gchurchill 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 1

Detect when the filesystem (Windows) can't sense the filename case differences of a given repo (Linux Kernel) to avoid falsely indicating Example.h is a changed version of exAMple.h. This would avoid indicating that you have uncommitted changes the instant you clone a given repo with only case differences in certain different file names.

This sounds like a bug. Does "git status" show proper results?

Thanks for the quick response, Marc. It's a bug, not in your product, but in Windows git itself, as this is where the perceived needed changes are being pushed from.

I mention this issue as Atlassian Sourcetree folks (properly) noted that this is git behavior, and passed on a method to resolve this issue. If you folks had a workaround in mind for this kind of potential problem, you'd have a leg up on them.

(I understand this is an issue with git itself, but a way to detect these issues outside of git might have wider implications)