Allow doing SmartGit actions when an action is being executed

Ram Rachum 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

This is something I wanted for years. Oftentimes when I'm doing an action with SmartGit that takes a few options, I can't do almost anything else in the UI until the command is finished. This means that a big chunk of my time using SmartGit is spent twiddling my thumbs, waiting for SmartGit to finish something so I can do the next thing.

Here's an example: I'm on the dev branch and I just amended a commit, now I want to reset master and origin/master to it. so I go to log, (1) check out master, (2) reset master to my commit, (3) push master, hitting "replace", (4) check out the dev branch again.

For each of these actions, I have to wait until it's finished before I can do the next. It's annoying. I wish I could do them rapidly one after the other, and SmartGit could execute them asynchronously. If one of my actions results in an error, then stop the queue and let me know, but that's likely to be uncommon.

Sounds like a generalization of topic http://smartgit.userecho.com/topics/419. We most likely won't implement concurrent Git operations, because of all the possible problems when accessing a complex database (like Git) concurrently.

I think you can do a lot without doing concurrent Git operations. Regarding 419, I made a clarifying comment there. With this ticket, I only suggest that you maintain a queue and do the actions one-by-one. No concurrency necessary.