Functionality to create a range of patches, all labelled sequentially

Wilbert van Dolleweerd 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 2

In the log view you can select a single commit and use the 'format patch' functionality to create a single patch.

However, I frequently have the need to select a range of sequential commits and make patches for each commit.

Basically the same functionality as for example 'git format-patch -3' to create 3 patches from the top 3 commits. SmartGit does not seem to provide this functionality. Why not?

No format patch available?

I know I can do it from the commandline, I would just prefer if it was also supported in SmartGit.

Funny thing is, I just found out that if you select 2 commits in SmartGit it offers you the opportunity to create 2 patches.

Why are 2 commits supported but not three (for example)? I don't understand the reasoning behind that.