Option to fix line endings that are preventing a commit.

Craig Patchett 3 years ago updated by Christopher Kline 3 years ago 5

There is nothing more frustrating than having someone on your team screw up line endings. While obviously not a long-term solution to the problem, it would be nice if SmartGit could recognize a line ending error message from Git and provide an option to automatically fix the files in question.


What about a hook that rejects screwed up line endings?

Ideally I want something that fixes the problem, not alerts me to it!

Exactly. Sometimes line endings get screwed up for other reasons, after commit (misconfigured merge tool, using a different editor with different settings, etc).

I'd love a button that says "convert all line endings to <whatever is the dominant line ending in the file>". Would save me a lot of work.

Or, even better, the SmartGit merge / interactive staging tool could ignore mismatched line endings and just do what I tell it to do. My other merge tools (e.g. Araxis Merge) don't seem to have any problems at all dealing with mismatched line endings.


In case this helps anyone, we finally tracked down what was causing the majority of our mix-up line endings. It was the git merge process, which does not respect git's autocrlf setting. We fixed this by adding the following to our .gitconfig


## convert line endings during a merge (like autocrlf does during a pull/commit) to avoid line-ending-only conflicts

renormalize = true