Add subtle indicator that commit message is multi-paragraph [SG-14491]

Sync 7 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 2 years ago 10

In both the Journal and Log view, we don't know if there are more information in the commit message unless we click it and look at the [Details], because SmartGit only displays the first paragraph of the commit message in the [Commits] column (a normal Git convention, adhered by most Git GUIs). It would be nice if I am able to know which commits have extra info, and which commits don't.

Currently, commit messages that don't fit the column are truncated with an ellipsis. One idea is to move this ellipsis limit a bit further to the left, and add a tiny light-gray arrow-down icon (or anything better) to indicate that there are more paragraphs for this commit.

Satisfaction mark by Sync 3 years ago

Yes, I have been caught by this a few times.

Yes, and please add the full message to the commit's tool tip while you're at it :-)

Please note that some commit messages in some repositories are indeed whole documents. Having a tooltip cover the whole screen seems not useful for me.

I don't believe he is asking to display the whole document. Just something a bit more obvious there is MORE than meets the eye.

Sure the tooltip doesn't need to include the whole message, when that is too long; having a button in that tooltip that actually displays the whole thing in that case would be great, though (simlar to how Eclipse handles documentation for methods).

That being said, I rarely come across messages that long, and it's not fair to punish everyone for those who cannot contain themselves :-)

Does Eclipse documentation automatically occurs like a tooltip or is it triggered by a shortcut as in IDEA?

It works like a tooltip. When you move the mouse over it, the buttons appear, and you can scroll in it, or open it in a dedicated window. I wouldn't mind a shortcut based solution, though, either.


"..."-indicator and tooltip will be present for 22.1 Preview build 19046.


There is Low-Level Property "log.graph.commitMessageToolTipLimit" to configure the length of the tooltip. For build 19238, it will be possible to set this value 0 to disable tooltips entirely.