File Manager integration

Thambaru Wijesekara 4 years ago updated by Ivan 2 years ago 2

SmartGit doesn't integrate with Windows Explorer or Nautilus in Ubuntu yet like other Git clients (Tortoise Git, Rabbit). It'd be great to go for that since we have to load all projects at once just to commit one project. I'm working on multiple projects at once so it's very inconvenient to close and Add them again to SmartGit.

A SmartGit extension that integrates with the two most common Linux File Managers (Nautilus & Thunar) would be incredibly useful and beneficial to your company. You and GitKraken are the two top dogs recommended under Linux. Stay the leader and add this feature because no other Linux Git GUI competitor has this. Note: Under Windows there are many other options and most offer this functionality; that could be why you guys don't rank here. Sorry, to be harsh, but take it as tough love!

FYI Here is an example of company who came up with File Manager extension solution for their Linux product


You guys should be able to code up a similar shared library add-on too