SVN repository: resolve jira tickets does not work [SG-10816]

Vincent Roger 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 7

For Git-SVN clones, it's not possible to resolve JIRA issues when pushing commits.

Satisfaction mark by Vincent Roger 3 years ago

Yes, I'm using a project with a custom workflow. I think it's the same as the 'classic' workflow with an added dialog to set the resolution and other optional parameters.

This dialog can be added by editing a workflow like this:

So when some tries to Resolve an issue they have to fill a form like this (only Resolution is mandatory):

I looked at the logs but didn't see much info there about a failure to resolve the jira ticket. You might have better luck.

I sent the logs + related configuration files to smartgit@syntevo.com.

Turns out it didn't work because I was using git-svn (as pointed out by Marc by email) . When using git it works fine.

Thought, the limitation seems a bit artificial. It could work with any kind of repository. Maybe in upcoming version of SmartGit?

Is it now available in git-svn? Otherwise, the resolution is misleading if others would like to vote for the feature.

It should work for Git-SVN repositories now, starting with version 17.1 preview, build 11065. Would you please give it a try and confirm?

Yes. I confirm it works now. Thanks!