Support Hunspell dictionary files

Thomas Singer 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 1

Not just MySpell dictionaries.

Hunspell seems to be very widely adopted now. Every other spell checker I have here works with Hunspell. There's definitely point in supporting this format :)

Currently, SmartGit seems to support a limited subset of Hunspell format, having difficulties with:

1) UTF8 dictionaries with leading BOM mark in dictionary file

2) Dictionary encodings

Also, while implementing, please keep avoiding mistakes other software has:

1) Not supporting non-english characters (SmartGit currently OK)

2) Requiring all dictionaries to be in the same folder (SmartGit currently OK)

3) Requiring specific dictionary file names (SmartGit currently OK, I think)

4) Imposing one-per-language limit (SmartGit currently OK, I think)