More distinct (colored) file statuses

Peter Slížik 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 1

In the past, I got used to the CLI git command line interface. What I like about it is that all staged files are shown in green (no matter if they were added with 'git add', 'git mv' or some other way) and all modified and untracked (non-staged) files are shown in red. This is very convenient, as one can easily see what content is stored in the Git index (stage) and what changes are made in the file system only. Switching to SmartGit, I miss these colors. I need to focus my attention of the text next to file names and actually "read" it ("Staged", "Modified", etc.)

My suggestion is that Syntevo could add an option to show the files in the "Files" view more colorful. Or, even better, to have colorful backgrounds? Or, probably, to make the icons left to the file names to use better colors? Or make the icons more distinct one from another, in general.

Well, currently, we use the light-red color for modifications, the green (+) for addition and the light red (-) for removal. Changing something like this at this state of the application would mean that a VERY large number of users would have to learn new colors which could frustrate a major part of them.