File compare: charset file encoding indication

Seb D 3 years ago updated by Florian Kaufmann 5 months ago 1

As a user I wish I could see the guessed charset encoding of each file in the File Compare tool of Smartgit. And eventually in the Conflict Solver tool of  Smartgit.

When one accidentally changes the encoding of the file, the asked for feature would help to detect such a mistake. A different encoding should be highlighted similar to other diffs to easily spot the mistake.

Alternatively, regarding the problem of accidentally saving a file in the wrong encoding and not discovering the mistake because SmartGit diff view does not show a change although certain bytes in the file might have changed, an option similar to the lowe-level property text.detectUtf8WithoutBOM could help. One that semantically means "always honor the 'Text File Encoding' setting of the project", preventing SmartGit from ever trying to guess the character encoding of a file.