Set different encoding for each file.

Данил «Danatela» Каримов 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2

We have files in one repository, which are encoded in several different encodings. It would be great if we had possibility to switch their encoding setting for each file like in Eclipse.

Perhaps, encoding could also be detected automatically.

UTF-8 can be detected automatically, even without BOM. Could you please sketch how the encoding is configured in Eclipse, especially for all team-mates?

Hmm, at least, one can set any possible encoding through context menu in project browser. I didn't have experience in sharing settings through teams, but I think it would be convenient to set encoding when file is changed and therefore appears in changes area. And it is not necessary to keep information about encoding in repository - it is quick and easy local operation, though the idea of sharing the same encoding for entire team is great.