File compare: as in Beyond Compare, e.g. right side has lines removed, show them as empty

Dennis 3 years ago updated by Wolfgang Gauch 3 years ago 4


File on the left has code that was removed from the file on the right when comparing different versions of the same file.

As in Beyond Compare diffing tool, show matching but blank line(s) on the right. That way both sides will be shown with matching lines on the same eye level. This is especially important if larger chunks of code were removed on one side. The current functionality will show just a narrow line on the right side.

This could be an option to toggle in settings.

The main benefit is shown in the screenshot below.

For me and Beyond Compare users, it is much easier to compare two versions of the same file side-by-side because the unchanged code is nicely vertically aligned. I have been using BC for over 10 years and never looked back so myself, I consider this diff style easy to understand:

Thank you for your time.



For me the left side is very hard to read.

That is interesting. I guess we will see if anyone else would prefer to have the configuration option to see comparison this way.


Left side is harder to read as a file, yes. But I don't code in diff view ;-)

But changes are much easier to see when they are aligned, and the added stuff is compared to empty lines.