Implement custom (external) commands which can be accessible from menu or tool bar

Vladimir Butorin 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 5

some times we have to execute some special command (call some scripts and etc.). It will be not bad to call it by pressing one button instead of opening terminal and writing there the full command.

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Already exists in the preferences, Tools page.

I mean execution of a command itself, not a showing me a terminal window. Like a calling external tools in qt creator.

What exactly do you mean then with "execution of a command itself"? What command you like to invoke?

for example

find . -iname "*.qmltypes" -exec sed -i 's/.*DLT.*WARNING.*/ /' {} +

or git clean -d -f- x

or something like make -C ../build/ generate_assets

I would like to have possibility to execute user defined command by pressing a button or a menu item

You may put this command sequence into a shell script and add an SmartGit tool to this shell script.