import repositories creating groups based on directory

Kamil Kiewisz 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 14

dirs like


- work1

  - proj1

  - proj12

- work2

  - proj1

- github

  - ...

- demo

- ...

on import to smart git should create corresponding groups in repositories view 

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SmartGit finds a certain amount of directories that are detected as repositories. What algorithm do you suggest for naming and grouping the repositories - please consider that only one group level is supported and other users might have different structures. Thanks in advance.

for my usage using name of parent folder would be enough 

dirgroup in smartgitrepo in smartgit



Please check in SmartGit 18.1 preview.

I checked it in SmartGit 18.1 preview 5 (release notes says it was introduced in preview 4) but it seams to be not working 

maybe it need to be enabled in configuration?

Please try with a portable bundle (no previous settings).

it seams it works only on initial import (not ideal) and it show full path to parent folder (great)

any chances it will work also from add/create/clone/search for repositories in the future?


Build 18.2 preview #13110 should support it.

it works on  #131105 but path is also duplicate in project name

it is this same now on clean install initial import? 

what is the directory name of the newly added repository?

in dis case docker-db-example 

group was assigned correctly to patent path D:\Projects\current

it stopped working in 18.2 preview 7 #13120

What exactly stopped working - the duplicate name or this feature? In SmartGit 18.2 preview 7 we have introduced a new feature that should add repositories to the "best matching" group (AKA this one which contains other repositories of this directory).

sounds good, but for repos in new group/directory it ads them to root level and thats a problem for me

I often have new hard drives/nfs connected with repos from different customers and search for respositores is very important for me


it works for existing groups

Please send the repositories.xml to me (smartgit@syntevo.com) and let me know the new repository location. Maybe there still is some bug.