Github integration enterprise instance configuration should support independent proxy configuration

Kelsie 3 years ago updated by Derrick Southerland 2 years ago 7

Currently, the Github integration for enterprise instances in SmartGit uses the same proxy settings as the main application proxy settings. However, there is a fundamental difference that should be allowed for- an enterprise instance probably is not being connected to via the internet, and thus the proxy settings of the main application prevent connectivity to the enterprise github. In my particular case, the enterprise github actually does require a proxy, but not the same proxy as an internet connection.

Well, the problem in general is unrelated to GitHub Enterprise, but can occur for any in-house repository with proxy access to the internet. Just curious: can't the proxy be configured to also access the intranet servers?

I do not know the reasons for the configuration being what it is because I work for a very large corporation and such things are far outside of what I have any visibility in to. All I know about it is that there are different proxy settings required for internal vs external connections, and currently I have to choose in SmartGit between automatic update checks vs our internal enterprise github since the proxy settings are shared.

I wonder how this is handled by command line Git users.

git command line supports specifying a different proxy per url, so i have one for public github and another for our enterprise github.


SmartGit 17.1 should not configure the Git proxy if it finds some proxy configuration in the ~/.gitconfig.

I will check this out and see if it addressed the problem. Thank you :)

I have a similar problem, except I have no internal proxy, only an external one.

You can't specify a "negative" proxy in the git config.

Instead, you must use the environment variable "no_proxy"

So I set the proxy in SmartGit then set the Windows system environment variable no_proxy=.mycompany.net

Note: pattern matching applies this rule to any address ending with that string.