Use hosting provider credentials for repositories

Andreas Schneider 3 years ago updated by Richard Rance 3 years ago 1

When using for example BitBucket, I can store the credentials in SmartGit. However I need to provide the password again whenever I clone/pull/push from any of the repositories.

If I store the credentials, they get stored for each repository individually, which implies, that if I change my BitBucket password, I have to invalidate _all_ the stored credentials and enter them again several times (at least once per repository).

It would be a lot better if I could simply change the password in one location (preferably the "Hosting Provider" settings) instead of over and over for all the repositories.

Storing the password on a per repository basis is a pain for me as well. It also requires setting a master password so that the repository passwords are not stored in plain text. My Bitbucket Server password gets changed every 6 weeks.

Since all of my repositories are stored in the same hosting provider I would prefer not to have the password stored. Instead I would provide the hosting provider password when I open SmartGit and then it would be used for all future operations until I close the program.