Add option to automatically apply stash after saving it

Christopher Kline 3 years ago updated by Alexander Miloslavskiy 3 years ago 3

I often use stashes to save a "snapshot" of my current state before I begin further changes, in case I need to back out or compare to a previous known state.

Currently I have to save a stash, and then manually apply the stash. I would love the ability to have SmartGit automatically apply the stash immediately after saving it. 

For this purpose I would recommend a new button, "Save and Re-Apply", in the existing stash dialog. I think a button rather than a checkbox would be a better option because that way I can choose at the time of stashing whether I want to reapply or not (rather than changing a checkbox value, because then it would become the new default)


Excellent. Thanks!

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Yes, I also might have needed that some times.


Will be implemented in build #11092 (just for Stash All).

I solve the same problem by creating intermediate commit, amending it later. Doing it via commits lets me have all the git features:

1) I can push it to finish later

2) I can see diffs since last commit

3) I can rebase it

4) ...

Handling it via commits does not need an extra button.