Compare multiple files in the same window (tabs?)

Kanstantsin Kamkou 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 2


- I would like to review  only 11 files (a set).

- When I select them and click to compare, it opens a new window for every file.

- It also ask me "do you really want to open >10 windows?".


- Please allow me to use the size of my monitor (full-screen mode would be nice as well) and to compare many files in the same time (each file is in a new tab?).

- Please also display the repository name.

- Please allow me to see the relative to the root path, instead of filename.ext. (a new settings option?)


Well, for that purpose we have created the Changes view...

It is more or less a draft implementation of real review process (is not worth to use). The best example of the mentioned solution is a pull request review process (i.e. github, bb, etc.). I need to see the domain (folder structure) and changed files + EASY way to jump from one file to, most probably, related file.

The diff of smartgit is better than at github or bb, but I have to create pull requests to do this.

p.s. by accident I've clicked two times on the tab and the size was increased to the whole screen. Please, educate me(i.e. what is new).