Recall last commit message with up arrow key

Daniela Rodriguez Careri 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 2 years ago 3

Back when I used SVN, we had TortoiseSVN which when you where about to enter the commit message you were able to recall the last commit message with the up arrow key if the textarea was blank. This was a very handy feature when you were commiting a series of related changes (for example: "User CRUD UI: Fixed race condition", "User CRUD UI: Fixed button margin", etc.). You just pressed "up" and the previous message was there for you to edit. :-)


Great thanks!! <3

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Do you know about "Select from Log..." button in Commit dialog? Or is it a matter of handy hotkey?

Yes, I'm aware of the 'Select from log...'. It is, as you say, just a matter of a handy hotkey. The dialog opens with the cursor on the textarea ready to type so you already have your hands on the keyboard, press up and start editing :)