Add stash push for stashing a subset of changed files

My-Tien 3 years ago updated by Marc Strapetz 3 years ago 4


In the commad line you can stash a subset of changed files with:

git stash push <path-to-file>

This is useful, e.g.

- to see if changes in them are necessary for a commit

- to exclude them from a commit (sometimes quicker than staging)

- to quickly compare behaviour with and without changes in the files

- to determine if these changes caused a bug


This has been implemented for version 17.1 preview. Either way, thanks for pointing out to new "git stash push" functionality -- we should probably use this command instead of our own file-selection stashing (SG-10926).

Ah okay, great! Can you explain how it’s done?

Whoops, I'm sorry, this has been implemented only for version 17.1 Preview: here you will have Local|Stash Selection