Better Key-Mapping for Conflict Solver window

Eugen Wiens 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 3 years ago 4

The keys that are used in the merge window are not ergonomic. The key mapping that is using by win-merge are very cool.

ALT + down: next

ALT + right: take left

ALT + left: take right


Why do you think that they are better? Do you know that you can change (nearly) all shortcuts in SmartGit using Edit|Customize?

Ok. I will try to change my key mapping. In my view it is faster to merge with the key mapping of winmerge

Ok, now I tried out to change the key bindings and for me it work better. Better means the I can use two hands with out moving my left hand from F6 and F6 + Shift to ALT.

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My problem with this keymapping is that you will need to use 2 hands. Using a one-key-combination for the most often used command (go to next change), seems to be better for me - at least for the file compare.