Add option to refresh index editor after partial commit.

simgunz 3 years ago updated by Alexander Miloslavskiy 3 years ago 1

Sometimes I use the index editor to do partial commits as follow:

- Open the index editor
- Do a partial stage
- Commit 1
- Do another partial stage
- Commit 2

- Do another partial stage
- Commit 3

The point is that after the first commit, the index editor still shows the modifications that went in the first commit, while I would like the option to refresh the status of the index editor in order to only show the modifications between the working tree and the HEAD (now at commit1).

If one has to do 10 commits in this way, leaving also the committed changes (as it is now) makes the workflow quite confusing. The only solution, for now, is to close and reopen the index editor after each commit in order to achieve the result desired.

TL;DR: Add a button to refresh index editor after commit as it happens if one closes and reopens the index editor after commit.

I've submitted this via email to the developer but I think it is worth putting it here as well.

I don't think the button is needed, at least for me. I also create partial commits, but this will usually involve multiple files, so I will close the index editor anyway. Also, I like to double-check the commit contents before committing.

However, there is indeed a problem of stale windows, I notice it a lot especially with conflict solver. Solving conflicts is hard, so I will often minimize conflict solver to check something else. And sometimes I forget those minimized windows, remembering them only after the conflicts are solved already.

I think it can be reasonable if SmartGit detects windows whose contents are outdated.

>  Also, I like to double-check the commit contents before committing.
This doesn't imply closing the index editor given that they are two separate windows, especially in a multi screen environment where all the smartgit windows can be open and visible at the same time.

I agree on the problem of multiple stale windows.