SVN: kerberos authentication support

hwei.sy 3 years ago updated by Alexander Miloslavskiy 3 years ago 2

I can access my SVN repo with TortoiseSVN authorized by MIT Kerberos.

But cannot with SmartGit.

When adding following line to smartgit.properties (in the Settings directory, see About dialog), does it work?


We also use Kerberos authentication. We do that through modified Putty 3rd party application and "Use system SSH client" in SmartGit settings.

I did the following:

1) Added the proposed setting

2) Switch to "Use SmartGit as SSH client",

3) Restarted SmartGit

However, SmartGit will now ask for Private Key / Password. It seems that the setting changes nothing.

I was successfully using the mentioned property with my SVN Kerberos test system. For Git, things may be different.