Being able to view multiple changed files at once

RoyTheunissenPaladin 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 7

Currently if you have multiple changed files in your working copy at once, and you select all of them, it will only show the diff of the first file. Using Show Changes (F4) will open a new window for every file you've selected which is not very convenient.

Ideally the diff in the main view contains the changes for all selected files, not just the first, like so:

Alternatively it would also work if using Show Changes for multiple files would open one window with all the diffs contained within, so you can still easily navigate between the files but close the view with one click.

Either of these solutions would make it more convenient to evaluate what changes are currently in the working copy and if there's some changes that can be discarded.

Must-have for productivity increase.

This completely contradicts with our Changes view which always shows one single, full file (with both sides; maybe just strips some equal lines). Nothing that can be implemented easily.

As a clarification: I'd like to see multiple diffs in one view, but not necessarily with a 'unified' diff like in the example. That's just how SourceTree happens to display a file's diff.

Showing full files with both sides like it already exists in SmartGit would accomplish what I need if I could see multiple files at once below each other.

It seems to require some designing of scroll behaviour


If the change viewer would be put in a container, then it could be repeated for different files, as long as no single file is selected.

I copy'n'pasted a quick mockup:

This is exactly what I had in mind. Thank you for taking the time to make a mockup.

This would work in the Show Changes (F4) dialog but ideally this would be how the default Changes view works.