Show "File Filter" in log view

Zeblote 3 years ago updated by Thomas Singer 1 year ago 8

The files view in the main window has a search bar, but this is missing in the log view when comparing branches.

So if you're exploring a large repo finding the correct file might take a while.

  <-- we need this in the log view

Building a tree view from the "Relative Directory" column would also be very useful!

As a quick work-around you can use speed-search - just start typing the name of the file.

Kind of late response - maybe it should be more obvious somehow that this exists at all, or that it works outside the file view aswell. I just accidently discovered it seems to work everywhere.

Yes, it's a duplicate, and there I added comment about tree view also.

Closing as duplicate. Please vote for issue #224.

I see you implemented the tree view thing in 19.1, it works fantastic for digging through ginormous diffs in Unreal Engine :D