Allow hiding (or at least permanent disabling) of 'Commit & Push' in the 'Commit' dialog

Bruno 3 years ago updated by Jeff Jensen 3 years ago 2

The Commit dialog has 3 buttons in the bottom right: Commit, Commit & Push, and Cancel.

I would like to be able to either remove or permanently disable the 'Commit & Push' button. This button tempts users to Push before a final review of their commit. Also, being in the between the two more likely options a user will use, it has an increased chance to be pressed by mistake.

An entry in the smartgit.properties could be used for this.

At some point you need to hide the "push" button also.

Last week I accidentally hit the Ctrl-y key, which is the keyboard shortcut for Commit & Push.  I "will never" use this feature and want to disable it to prevent ever accidentally happening again.