Repositories view: instead of showing the checked out ID show a nice name, e.g. "<tag> +1" [SG-8069]

Bruno 3 years ago updated by Andreas Koch 2 years ago 1

In pane Repositories, next to a repository (also true for submodules) the branch that is checked out is displayed, and the tooltip shows additional information about this branch.

When HEAD is pointing to a commit (no local branch present; 'read-only' checkout), the information displayed is very limited, being the commit ID and commit summary. Also the tooltip shows only few information.

Instead of

    Repository_name (short_SHA: commit_summary)

it would be great to have tag information displayed here if present, e.g.

    Repository_name (chronological list of tags)

and move the

    short_SHA: commit_summary

to the tooltip. The tags could also be added to the tooltip, one per line.

With this information I would be possible to immediately see for a repository using submodules which submodule versions are used (assuming that the submodule commits have been properly tagged).

Even better would be if the tag name is displayed directly behind the repository name (or commit id: ...) instead of a tool tip for 'read-only' checked out repositories and submodules... like Git Bash does!